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Treasured: A Story About Healing Based on Real-Life Events

I left a lot of things off the pages of my book Treasured. Why? I didn't want the book to focus on what happened to me but instead on the journey of surviving and rediscovering who I am, hope, and love, creating my art again, which is tied heavily to the belief of love and passion.

However, I did share many things that were hard for me to share because I wanted others to understand how we lie to ourselves and how not all abuse looks the same. I always told myself that marriage was the normal ups and downs. If it were abuse, it would always happen, but remember, they space it out. They seem to know when you are at breaking point and can't take anymore, and then a switch will flip, and they will return to that person you loved once again. How long that lasts is hard to say, but over time, the space between the person I loved and the man I wanted to avoid grew shorter and shorter. In the process, I lost my desire to create and write.

After all, how can I write happy ever stories when I lost the belief they were possible?

Artists of all types will understand that when you are cut off from being able to create, it's like a part of you is missing. You will feel empty and unfilled until you can reconnect with yourself and your art.

I didn't know if anyone would even want to read about my journey. Thanks for your support.


Leigh Savage

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