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Stand Alone Novels

Red front book cover.jpg
Red: Dark Erotic Retelling of Brothers Grimm Little Red Riding Hood

Previously Published in Erotic Fairytales From Brother Grimm Anthology:

***This is not your children's fairytale and not for the faint of heart. Dark Erotic Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.***

Red is on break from college and headed to her Grandmother's house for a visit when she strays from the path and finds a sexy stranger, but when he looks at her, she feels like he will devour her, and she's not sure if she should run to him or away from him towards the safety of her Grandmother's house. However, when Grandma has a mysterious huntsman as a guest for dinner Red soon discovers that no place is safe.

"Red, did anyone ever tell you it could be dangerous to stray from the path?"

Goldie's Three Bears


Samantha Goldi leaves her worthless, cheating boyfriend and finds herself lost in the woods. Taking the only refuge she can fine, her safe haven is invaded by three hot, hunky brothers demanding to know who has been sleeping in their bed...and asking to join her.

Twisted Destinies


Writing everyone else’s destiny, but never living her own, Moerae decides to take matters into her own hands. Alexander, a demigod living obliviously on Earth, has always had women falling at his feet but he’s never loved any of them. He’s also the perfect instrument for Moerae’s rebellion. What she intended to be no more than a little fun, soon turns into much more for both of them. Could it be they were destined for one another?

Bound by Blood


Bites: A family goes camping in the woods to spend time together. Instead they find something horrifying in the dark. Sacrifice: A young woman finds her true love only to find out that he is one with the night. Will she sacrifice all in the name of love? A True Heart: A man finds the woman of his dreams but why then is she in his every nightmare. Hers: A woman raped and murdered in her own home. Now her sprite seeks justice but whos to say where justice ends. The Naked: She can change her form at will to look like the love of your life but she is nothing like the image. Fallen From Grace: A young woman finds the man of her dreams or is he the very thing that nightmares are made of. Conflicts of the Heart: A young man finds love in the darkest places while being held captive. But can they escape or will they be doomed.
Dream Dragon The Dark Side of Poetry


Dream Dragon the Dark Side of Poetry: Dream Dragon is a metaphor I use for depression, it’s whenever you seem like life is a dream and things aren’t really happening to you but instead happening to someone else only you never wake up; then you realize it’s real.

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