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Quickie Paranormal Erotica

Quickie Paranormal Erotica is a series of quick read erotica stories meant to be read in one sitting just with a supernatural twist each story is self contained and will feature different situations. 


Portal to Hell (Book 1)

From the moment Lexie got home to see that her new adult toy had arrive she couldn’t wait to try it out and have what reviewers had called it an orgasm that was ‘out of this world’. Damn after the week she’d had she deserved it, but Lexie never expected that her orgasm would open a portal to hell and accidently summon Hecate who’s the perfect sexy demon who can fulfill all of Lexie’s desires to truly have an ‘unholy out of this world’ experience.  


Birthday Wish (Book 2)

It's Jami's birthday but her friend Sandy is the one getting all the attention. However, with an innocence birthday wish everything changes and sometimes your wish just may come true!

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