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All Writing Projects are on hold!

Hello, just wanted to update my fans that all writing projects are currently on hold. My husband/daddy/editor has been sick that last couple of months unable to edit my next addition to the Cara's series. Yesterday we found out that he has a type of cancer that transplant patients sometimes get and it is treatable with chemo. However, we will not get confirmation of this until early next week after they get the results back from the biopsy and a few other test they are currently running.

My blog and all other writing projects will be put on hold for the time being.

If you would like to find a way to help us through this time please consider buying and sharing my books as the income would help supplement my income from taking time off from my day job. Other ways to help could be sending money through PayPal or if you want to send a care package please reach out through email and I will send you the PO box. Most of all prayers, blessing and wishes for a quick recovery is most needed.


Leigh Savage

Leigh with her husband/daddy/editor Mike

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