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Children Books Written Under the Name Carrie Lea Williams


The Smile Box


The Smile Box is a story about a little girl who has feeling of sadness because things are not going her way. Her mother teaches her how to look inside one's self to find happiness and not to rely on the things going on in the outside world. This book teaches children that even though things do not go their way you can always seek happiness within one's self. The story is told in a light-hearted way so that in reading the reader should feel happier at the end as well. This is a story that should delight parents and children alike. This book is attended for ages 4 to 8 years of age.

The Swan and the Rose


This story is about a Swan that finds a Rose that's already dead. He sees the true beauty despite it's appearance. While others see only the way it looks now. I hope that this story will teach children that beauty is not only in what you see but what is inside.

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