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Erotic Bundles

Quickie Erotica Vol One


Volume One Quickie Erotica 3 sexy books together

Spring Break:

Kayla and Kristy grew up together they were best friends they helped each other through everything. Kayla risked it all on the night of their parent's marriage to see if Kristy had the same type of feeling but all she managed to do was scare her best friend off. Now years later on spring break from college Kristy has agreed to stay together and all Kayla hopes for is to win her best friend back but Kristy has other plans.

His Wife:

Mason, Heather’s loving husband, is concerned about his wife’s sudden illness and asks his twin sister Madison to help care for his wife in his stead since he couldn’t get away from work. Madison was happy to step in, after all, Madison would do anything for her sister-in-law.

The Nanny:

From the moment that Kari laid eyes on Mrs. Taylor, she harbored feelings for her. However, as the hired nanny she’s had to be careful and keep her feeling a secret but when Mr. Taylor stands Mrs. Taylor up and leaves her in an emotional mess Kari throws caution into the wind in order to show Mrs. Taylor just how desirable she is.

Master Collection 7 Deadly Sins Front Cover.jpg

Master Collection: 7 Deadly Sins 

9 Sinfully Horrific Erotic Stories in one Master Collection!
Warning: For 18 plus Readers Only! This collection contains dark subject manner and may not be for everyone!
Taming of the Succubus: Prequel to Lust
Allysson, one of the most desired playthings in the pits of hell was created to pleasure mortals and demonic lustful desires. Using her succubus powers, she makes her escape from Hell.
Normal sex will no longer get Alison off she has to be challenged and she doesn’t care whom she hurts in the process as long as she reaches her orgasm.
Lena is one of the hottest porn stars, she’s living the high life of celebrity parties an excess of alcohol and drugs, shopping, and of course sex on and off set.
Jenny has a thriving career wealth and a handsome guy by her side but it’s never enough. Jenny finds herself constantly wanting more and she’s willing to do anything to get what she wants.
Ava at one time was considered very successful in running her own startup business at age 22 and discovered the dark side of fame. Fear overtakes Ava’s life and she soon becomes a shut-in living off her past success with no desire to get back out in the world.
Celeste is a high executive and used to getting her way no matter whom she has to use, step on, or fire to get her way.
Sophia’s only friend is Trish but when Trish got with Ryan, Sophia wanted nothing else but for him to notice her but he seems to only have eyes for Trish.
Alexes is an up-and-coming social media model and influencer, not even a scandal can make her admit she was in the wrong.
Lucifer’s Mate
The seven deadly sins have found their mates, and now it’s time for them to return to hell and keep things running while Lucifer returns to earth in search of his one true mate.

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