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7 Deadly Sins Behind the Writing

2019, I started writing the 7 Deadly Sin Dark Erotic Series and it quickly became one of the fan favorites. However, during the release of the first book in the series Lust, it started a major war between Facebook and myself as they kept flagging my book cover as nudity. During that year I spent more time in Facebook jail than out of it. However, I kept writing and pushing through.

This year I finally released the last story for this collection Taming of the Succubus and The Master Collection which contains all 9 stories in one volume. However, I never really got to share much about the process of writing these stories with my fans because of social media’s war against me but now that is about to change.

Let me give a bit of a recap for those that might be new to my realm. Leigh Savage Media LLC is made up of my husband/Daddy Dom who will often assist me at events is my editor and often my photographer and myself. When I came up with the 7 Deadly Sins idea, I started utilizing a new methodology for completing work in shorter periods and more frequent releases. I won’t bore you with the details regarding that as that will be something for other writers to learn later on.

However, we came up with a special way to help keep me motivated.

Daddy would only let me seek out pleasure once I completed the entire story, so you can believe me when I said I was motivated to complete each story quickly. During 2019, starting in June I was releasing a story a week most weeks until December.

The second part of our agreement was when Daddy was done with the editing of each story I would receive spankings depending on how bad my writing was and Daddy said he could always tell when I was getting turned on in my writing as my writing would become much worse. However, if the sex was written really hotly then my punishment could be turned into good spankings so this always gave me the extra motivation that I write each sex scene as hot as possible to get those good, bend me over his lap, bare hand to ass spankings that often lead to a few oooh's of my own.

Now as you read or re-read through the 7 Deadly Sins Master Collection keep in mind my story and let it add to the excitement of each scene.

Master Collection FREE on KU or $9.99


Leigh Savage

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