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Behind Portal to Hell

Sometimes my stories come from experiences and other times inspiration can come from the craziest and strangest of places. This is the story behind the inspiration behind the story of Portal to Hell.

Two unrelated items came together to inspire this crazy tale of a woman getting a very special sex toy and having the ultimate triple orgasm and opening a portal to hell in the process.

The first item that brought inspiration to this story was the funny Amazon review for the sex toy Tracy’s Dog. Link to an article featuring this viral amazon review:

Trust me this review is worth the read. Now after reading this review, of course, I had to get my hands on Tracy’s Dog to try it out myself, and let me say it does not disappoint. In fact, my orgasm was so intense that I use the toy sparely. Also, only my Daddy can be home at the time as I can not control how loud I am while using this toy.

Now the second item that helped inspire this story was a news article story that my Daddy found on a Florida Religious leader saying that women’s masturbation was literally the gateway to opening the portal to hell. Check out these links:


Somehow, after coming across this article and experiencing all the pleasure Tracy’s Dog had to offer. My mind was like if any sex toy could open up a portal it would be this one. Then I thought what if the portal opened up what would happen thus Portal to Hell came about?

Now if you haven’t read this quick hot read, jump over and grab a copy it’s only $2.99 or FREE on KU and discover for yourself just what all the Oooo’s are about!

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