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Too Hot for Social Media

As many of my fans know I’ve struggled with social media for years. Constantly being targeted because I like to push the boundaries of sensual and erotic works. Two years ago, I stepped away from Facebook keeping the profile only to be able to still message my fan and deleted my Twitter and IG accounts.

I must say stepping away from social media was hard in the beginning but then in time I started to feel better because I was tired of fighting each time, I would put out a new release Facebook would dig up an old post and put me in Facebook jail for the day or for 30 days.

After my break, I was hoping to return and not be on Facebook's radar, but it seems that was not the case. So now I have decided that I should start my own blog for me to share the things I wish to say that is too hot for Facebook.

So, if you have been a fan of my work and my social media post be sure to subscribe as now I get to say what I want without the fear of Facebook jail!

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