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The Master of My Heart

Dedicated to Hubby/Daddy Mike:

Master of my heart, I know you have had to fight far more than any one person

should have to for one lifetime but each time, you managed to beat the odds

time and time again.

You had me believing that this time would be no different and you would

be victorious once again.

When I saw you lying there, all I wanted to do was lie down next to you and

have you hold me and tell me that everything was going to be alright.

As you were always the one who would comfort me in your strong and loving embrace as you brushed a gentle kiss across my forehead.

But you couldn't take me in your embrace because, without warning while the world

slept, the tides had turned, and cancer unleashed a silent killer and swiftly stole you away

from me.

I know that I am selfish in wanting you to stay with me because you were so sick and

so tired of fighting.

I know I must find a way to carry on until it is time for us to meet again, and only then

will I be whole when the key to my heart will be reunited with its Master.

From Your Princess

Married Sept 17th, 1996, in the courthouse and renewed our vows Sept 19th, 1998, in a church!

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