7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Series

Lust: 7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Book 1

Normal sex will no longer get Alison off she has to be challenged and she doesn’t care who she hurts in the process; as long as she reaches her orgasm. Feelings of satisfaction are fleeting leaving her to always want more and searching for her next target.

Dominicus knew from the moment he laid eyes on Alison that she was different than the rest of his pets. Her eyes radiated with Lust and just maybe she would be the one he’d been searching for that would be able to handle the real him, all of him.

Glutony: 7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Book 2

Lena is one of the hottest porn stars, she’s living the high life celebrity parties an excess of alcohol and drugs, shopping and of course sex on and off set. Then a horrible accident happened and in that one moment everything was taken away from her. Desperate to get it all back she makes a bargain with a Demon but when you deal with dark forces you have to be careful of the fine print or you just might find the cost is more than your soul.  


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