Quickie Erotica

Quickie Erotica is a series of quick read erotica stories meant to be read in one sitting each story is self contained and will feature different situations. 

Spring Break (Book 1)

Kayla and Kristy grew up together they were best friends they helped each other through everything including when their parents got divorced. Kayla over the years started to feel more than just friendship towards her best friend, but could never find the right time to confess. Then it seemed all was lost when their parents announced they were going to get married and they would now be sisters. Kayla risked it all on the night of their parents’ marriage to see if Kristy felt the same way but all she managed to do was scare her best friend off. Now years later on spring break from college Kristy has agreed to stay at a cabin together and all Kayla hopes for is to win her best friend back but Kristy has other plans.


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