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Greed: 7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Book 3

Jenny has a thriving career wealth and a handsome guy by her side but it’s never enough. Jenny finds herself constantly wanting more and she’s willing to anything to get what she wants including underhanded deals for a chance to gather more wealth. However, she may have just made a deal that will cost her everything including her soul.

Sloth: 7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Book 4

Ava at one time was considered very successful running her own startup business at age 22 and was thrown in the spotlight. However, being in the spotlight can have a dark side and Ava learns this first hand when she gains a stalker. Fear overtakes Ava’s life and she soon becomes a shut in living off her past success with no desire to get back out in the world. However, just because Ava has decided to hide away doesn’t mean that the stalker has given up.

Wrath: 7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Book 5

Celeste is a high executive and used to getting her way no matter who she has to step on. Her staff members are used to her fits of range and often get together after work to drink and play the game of how they wished Celeste would meet her demise. Little did they know that the new employee just might make their wish come true.

Envy: 7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Book 6

Sophia was always the outcast going unnoticed and unable to find friends. That was until she met Trish and for once they became fast friends. That is until Rayn came along and Sophia wanted nothing else but for him to notice her but he seems to only have eyes for Trish. This time Sophia swears she will not be the one overlooked and she will get what she wants by any means.

Pride: 7 Deadly Sins Dark Erotica Book 7

Alexes is an up and coming social media model and influencer not even a scandal can make her admit she was in the wrong. Alexes is great at always seeming to be the victim and that someone else is to blame anything to keep her fortune and fame. However, her new girlfriend is not exactly human and she doesn’t plan being a part of Alexes game.


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